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Rent Now, Pay Later Program

"Students First"  means Textbook Brokers believes you should have your textbooks BEFORE your first class.  Don't begin class by falling behind!

Be ready on day ONE when you Rent Now, Pay Later.


Waiting on Financial Aid Day? Maybe you're stuck with delayed financial aid disbursement? Or perhaps you're expecting that next paycheck before you rent your books? Whatever YOUR reason, Students First! 

Once class begins, you want to have your textbooks to stay ahead! With our "Rent Now, Pay Later" Program, you can defer your payment for a few weeks out, with NO EXTRA FEES!* Take advantage of our deferred payment program when you combine it with our Pre-Semester Sales. Save money EARLY, & pay those same low prices, LATER!

How It Works:

Our “Rent Now, Pay Later” Program allows you to rent or buy your books now, and not have to pay us until a later date. (typically the default date is CMU's Financial Aid Day) This allows you to get your books now and not get behind in class or on homework. If you need just a bit longer than the default date, ask to speak with the accounting manager. As long as the deferred payment date is within reason, we'll work with you to find the best solution.** On that agreed date, we'll run the credit card number you entered at check out. This option allows you time to pay for your textbooks while you wait to get your financial aid money from the school, get paid from your job, or for what ever reason you may need us to wait.

Paying for school without assistance? Need some help with paying for your books in installments instead? We're flexible and we're here for you!** Ask to speak to an accounting manager & we'll help find the best solution to fit you & your specific financial needs. STUDENTS FIRST! 


* Extra charges & fees may be applied if the account holder fails to pay the account balance. Unpaid accounts may be sent to an outside collections agency which can add additional charges & fees to the overall balance of the account.
** All Rent Now, Pay Later accounts & payment terms are subject to final manager approval.